Spread eagle sexual position

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The spread eagle bondage position takes spread eagle to whole new heights with the addition of restraints. To achieve this position, one person lays down, either face up or face down, with their arms and legs pointed to the four corners of the bed. Wrists and ankles are then bound to the bed frame to secure them in this position. When securing delicate parts of the body like wrists, make sure to leave a finger width between the limb and the binding. Because it leaves the body wide open and vulnerable, the spread eagle bondage position is a great position for many forms of sex or BDSM play.

Spreadeagle (position)

What is the Spread Eagle Bondage Sex Position? - Definition from Kinkly

The curiosity was so intense, it even caused one sex site to crash completely due to the increased number of visitors. Sometimes, the person on top — generally a man but can also be a woman wearing a strap-on — will be standing on his or her knees and holding the wings — sorry, legs — which is also known as the Captain. First, the person with the penis whether real or rubber needs to sit down on a flat surface with their legs spread. The exposed eagle can be fun, but take care not to bend backwards to quickly as you could hurt each other. One person lies on their back and bends their legs back as far as possible and holds them in place.

The Spread Eagle

The eagle sex position has been popular for ages, and even more sore since Love Island 's Curtis cited it as his favourite "romantic" position. But there's another lovely version of this old classic - the sofa spread eagle. Stand on the edge of a sofa, bed, or two chairs, with your legs spread wide. Position your partner whether that's someone with a penis or person wearing a strap-on dildo so they're standing on the floor facing you.
Stand on the edge of a couch, bed, or two chairs, with your legs spread wide. Position your man so he's standing on the floor facing you. There's nothing like the feeling of impulsive, must-have-it-right-now sex while standing up. But the Sofa Spread-Eagle spares you both the royal pain of matching up your private parts.