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Oboro is the Arch Enemy of Asagi, subordinate to Edwin Black who is also her creator in a sense , and serves as the Big Bad of the series, though she's but one link in the evildoer chain. Edwin Black is the main, overarching series antagonist, with deep ties to Oboro and the criminal underworld particularly the supernatural side. He is also a vampire, and while he bears many classic traits of one, his powers are hinted to be much broader. Originally a human scientist who study the "dark arts", he was killed by Murasaki, but was revived as a demon thanks to his underlings. Kiryuu now plans to overthrow Black for leadership. Is most likely the only one of its kind produced, due to no other appearances in the canon. She now serves the clone, and helps Oboro in her plans to mentally break Asagi and Sakura so they can turn them into living weapons just like her.

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Taimanins or "Anti-Demon Ninjas". A group of super powered ninjas task with dealing with the corruptions created by demons and "evil influenced" people. Each taimanin seems to have their own unique superhuman ability e.
Battle card game by Lilith which is happening in the Taimaninverse where the heir of the Fuuma clan wants to weight into the balance between the three forces Taimanin, US and Demons after the collapse of his tribe. More of an all star version than a real sequel to Taimanin Asagi 3. Hide spoilers Show minor spoilers Spoil me! Show sexual traits. Fukkun Tabeteeee!