Women naked in changing room

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All of my male media brethren went cruising into this sacred place, and then, there was only me—the lone female reporter covering a USC football game—waiting outside. Me, the girl who has no fear, was nervous. Fear of the unknown tends to do that to you. Cripes, maybe I should just wait til they all get dressed before talking to them? In I went into the world of major testosterone, stinky athletic shoes, and wrinkled jerseys, and out I came a different person. The players were roaming around in towels or standing by their lockers speaking into digital recorders—no one was smacking towels on butts, no one was making soap jokes.

The Important Locker Room Lesson My Grandmother Taught Me

UK mother slams dad for getting naked in the men's changing room in bizarre rant | Newshub

A UK mother has described her horror at seeing a dad of three daughters strip naked in the men's changing room of a public swimming pool, much to the confusion of the internet. Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman wrote that she had arrived early with her two-year-old son to his swimming lesson, so decided to wait in the changing room. She explained that she uses the men's changing room as the women's is "usually crowded" as there are "less dads at lessons". The woman said that there was a dad in there getting his daughters dressed after swimming when she and her son entered.

Female Reporters in the Locker Room: Does It Work?

Skip navigation! Story from Body. I assessed the situation from my spot in front of my locker.
Women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted in unisex facilities. There are children in there. Last year, statistics revealed the majority of reported sexual assaults at swimming pools in the UK take place in unisex changing rooms.