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Other links lead to publications demonising the promiscuity of the West, lamenting the rejection of morality and religion, or preparing young women for the fulfilment of their marital duties. It gives the appearance that hardly anyone, either in Iran or the diaspora, has ever given a thought to sexual self-determination, sexual practices, sexual hygiene or any other important aspects of the most natural thing in the world. No trace of an Iranian counterpart to publications like the Hite or Kinsey reports. But if you search for long enough, you do find a few entries reporting on the activities of individuals in the Iranian government or abroad. This gives a picture of the real-life conditions in Iran.

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By subscribing I accept the terms of use. Homosexuals in Iran are having sex reassignment surgery to avoid execution According to reports within Iran, the country has around 4, sex reassignment surgeries every year, in an attempt to purge homosexuality from the Islamic Republic. Life for gay men in Iran continues to be a psychological nightmare. In the Islamic Republic, homosexuality is illegal and punishments usually range anywhere from torture to public executions. According to various reports within Iran , there are about gender reassignment surgeries every year, though Amin believes the real numbers are even higher. Following said surgery, the person if often shunned by both the country and their families, leaving them with no one to support them, which in turn often leads to a life of sex work and violence. There is no physiological support after the surgery.

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Islamic and Iranian considerations. Sara Nasserzadeh Certified sex therapis Dr. Maybe this is the End? Iranians Loved and Hated Her for It.
THE instructor held up an unfurled green condom as she lectured a dozen brides-to-be on details of family planning. But birth control was only one aspect of the class, provided by the government and mandatory for all couples before marriage. The other was about sex, and the message from the state was that women should enjoy themselves as much as men and that men needed to be patient, because women need more time to become aroused. This is not the picture of Iran that filters out across the world, amid images of women draped in the forbidding black chador, or of clerics in turbans. In Iran, pleasure-loving Persian culture and traditions blend and conflict with the teachings of Shiite Islam, as well as more than a dozen other ethnic and tribal heritages.