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Girls often call these older women in their community their " aunties. Gilliam said Armstrong often said she was "tired of being a burden on my aunties and uncles. The aunties will be so angry with me, but I dont care; I mean to enjoy myself to-night. So you must be a pair of absolute old angels, aunties , and break the news to grandfather. One of them that the aunties remembered struck me as rather precocious.

The enduring power of aunties

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Black parents and black grandparents. We deal with them every single day. We deal with the struggle every single day. Cathy continued to claimthat providing children with phones and screens causes them to grow up not normal.

A collection of stories about the complex relationships we have with our aunts. I hear arguments in Patois, hijacked games of Taboo, and crackling slams of dominoes on table glass because someone is winning, or bluffing, or both. Aunts, chosen and by blood, shape us in ways that our mothers and fathers cannot. There is no singular way this works. To some, they are a primary guardian.
To save this word, you'll need to log in. We have come to tea with our cousin, and we'll be as good as gold if you'll let us stay, auntie ," clamoured the boys … — Louisa May Alcott These crosses underneath the letter are really kisses, all from the children who keep asking me about Aunty Daphne, though they do not know you. Recent Examples on the Web Aunt Tina, 58, is the auntie that likes to be noticed and makes sure that everybody does.